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MS Excel and LaTeX – Tables

MS Excel is a powerful tool for calculating and aggregating data in spreadsheets. However, its capabilities to produce fancy tables are quite limited. With LaTeX, on the other hand typesetting tables yealds appealing result, but can be a dreadful task. Exporting tables with the Excel macro Excel2LaTeX is easy and efficient.

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MS Excel and LaTeX – Diagrams

How to export MS Excel diagrams in acceptable quality for further use with LaTeX.

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portable LaTeX environment 2

In “portable Latex Environment” you can find information on ideas on a LaTeX package that can be run from your USB pen drive and resources on how to do that. If you don’t have enough time, you will find a ready-to-use self-extracting archive here and you can download a collection of batch files with documentation that do that for you.

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portable LaTeX environment

Looking for a portable LaTeX environment for Windows I discovered interesting sources and finally made a whole package that can be downloaded from my university’s homepage.

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