MS Excel and LaTeX – Diagrams

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Writing a diploma thesis with LaTeX can be tedious. Apart from the little hurdles LaTeX comes up with you have to deal with the peculiar nature of MS Office …

Assume you have some data in an Excel spreadsheet already, let’s say produced by some analysis software. In fact, you do not only have data to be typeset with LaTex, but also diagrams. How-to do this efficiently?

Excel offers only two ways to ‘export’ your data: Print or copy paste … Unfortunately, there is no possibility to export diagrams directly into eps or any vector graphic format.

1) Mask your diagramm

2) Hold the “Shift”-key and open the “edit” item in the menu. You will notice an additional entry “Copy image”.

3) Click “copy image” and tick the correct boxes in the dialoge “as on screen”, “as on screen”, “as image”.

4) Open a new document in CorelDraw

5) Insert you graphic (Ctrl-v), export it (Ctrl-e) and specify a filename.

6) Use the epstopdf utility provided by your LaTeX distribution to convert your eps to pdf. Note: pdfLaTeXcannot handle eps, and CorelDraw cannot export to pdf.

That’s it!


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